Honoring this Year’s JETY Award Recipients: June 16 and 23

The CBY Brotherhood is pleased to honor Joshua Greenspan, Rachel Broomer and Jordan Drossman as the 2017 recipients of the Brotherhood’s Jewish Teen Youth (JETY) award which recognizes high school juniors and seniors who have exemplified Jewish life through participation in programs that promote Jewish identity and culture.  We will be honoring Josh, Rachel and Jordan, all of whom have all taken steps beyond their Bar/Bat Mitzvah to become deeply immersed in Jewish activities.   

At a time when teens are being pulled in many directions, we feel that their commitment toward Jewish life has been a significant achievement.  We believe that their Jewish leadership skills will transcend their teen years, into college and throughout their entire life to impact the lives of those around them.  
Please join us at CBY in honoring this year’s JETY award winners.

Rachel Broomer          June 16      6:30 PM
Jordan Drossman       June 16      6:30 PM
Joshua Greenspan     June 23      6:30 PM