The 2020 Capital Campaign

In 1970, a handful of Jewish families thought it was important (to them and to their children) to come together to found what became Congregation B’nai Yisrael. Now, almost 50 years later, having a Temple is as important as ever, and the founders’ legacy is in our hands.

After extensive discussion among the Board, clergy, and an outside fundraising consultant, The Board of Trustees has unanimously voted to implement “The 20/20 CBY Vision Capital Campaign” whose goal is to raise 6.4 million dollars. A copy of more information about the Campaign is enclosed.

Today, with our new rabbi, CBY has made great strides in strengthening our role in the community, improving our programs, and meeting the needs of the congregation. But to survive and thrive we need more. We need your support. We need money.

An initial ‘quiet phase’ of the Capital Campaign began just before the holidays with every member of the Board and the Capital Campaign Committee pledging generously. Soon we will be reaching out to share our strategic and detailed financial plan, hear your thoughts, and most importantly, ask for your financial support. Your pledge is important and we hope you will give generously.
If you think having CBY in Armonk is important, please join us. Help us to continue the work that CBY’s founders began 50 years ago. Join us today as a ‘re-founder’ of CBY to ensure that CBY can serve future generations for another 50 years.

Think for a moment how CBY has had an impact on your life. And importantly, think about the impact CBY will have on your children’s’ lives, the lives of all of the Jewish people and the lives of all in our community.

We look forward to speaking with you. If you have already pledged to the Capital Campaign, we thank you.


Steve Bloom
Mark Lieberman
Michael Strober
Co-Chairs of the CBY Capital Campaign Committee