“Standing Up”: Rabbi Strom’s Yom Kippur Morning Sermon

The boy was just 11 years old. Just two weeks earlier he had marked his graduation from elementary school and his 11th birthday. The eternity of the school year, the countdown to the summer, were both finally over, as he made his way up to his favorite place, his home away from home—summer camp.


“The Things We Never Said”: Rabbi Strom’s Kol Nidre Sermon

It is palpable –the moment the realization washes over their faces. In the film Almost Famous, on a flight through the Southeast, William Miller, Cameron Crowe’s portrayal of his high school self, is resuming his tour-long interview of Stillwater frontman Russell Hammond, when bandmate Jeff asks William, “What happened to you last night?”


“The Greatest Acapella Group”: Rabbi Strom’s Rosh HaShanah Sermon

It’s Rosh HaShanah. So I’ll begin with a confession. Seems only appropriate. I love acapella music. Like, love it. Total acapella nerd right here.



hhd-food-bag-insertHigh Holy Day Food Drive

As we enjoy the abundance around us, let us remember our neighbors who are struggling to put food. Empty bags will be handed out at Rosh Hashanah. Fill the bags with your donations and bring it back to the temple on Yom Kippur.


imagesCBY Trip to Israel

Join Rabbi Strom and Melissa Cohavi on the trip of a lifetime! Let’s go to Israel together! This is a trip for families, singles, couples, teens and children! Thursday, February 15 – Sunday, February 25, 2018. Learn more with here .