Rock of Sages: A Purimspiel

The Year is 3395. Babylon has fallen. King Ahasuerus of Persia has ascended the throne, ruling over 127 provinces. It is a time of unrest in the king’s household. It is a time…of Rock n’ Roll.

Join us for a telling of the story of Esther like you’ve never heard it before.


Naso D’var Torah by Rachel Broomer

5 years ago today I was standing on the Bimah and I was so short that if you were in the front row, all you could see was the top half of my head. Now, half a decade later, I’m slightly taller, but I have also taken on a lot more responsibility. Not just because I’m getting older, but by choice.


Rabbi Strom’s Invocation for Armonk American Legion Memorial Day Observance

Our God, God of our ancestors:

We thank You for the gift of life and the gifts of the world You have bestowed upon us. Our voices join together and rise up to You in the heavens, for the freedom and liberty we so often take for granted, despite our best efforts to the contrary; freedom and liberty that ring throughout our nation and will, God willing, reverberate and resonate for generations to come.



The 2018 Gala

March 10, 2018 Fairview Country Club   “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” — Coretta Scott King Congregation B’nai Yisrael is honored to be the spiritual home of so many people who are dedicated to making a positive impact in our society. We look forward to […]


The 2020 Capital Campaign

Today, with our new rabbi, CBY has made great strides in strengthening our role in the community, improving our programs, and meeting the needs of the congregation. But to survive and thrive we need more. We need your support.