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Budget and Finance  

The Budget and Finance Committee advises the Board of Trustees on all financial and budgetary matters concerning the Congregation. It supervises an annual review of the dues structure, with the assistance of the Membership and Welcoming Committee, and recommends any revisions deemed necessary to the Board of Trustees. The chief responsibility of the committee is the preparation of the Annual Operating and Capital Budgets, which are voted on by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting.

Caring and Social Action  

Our Caring and Social Action Committee seeks to develop a program appropriate to its name that relates the ethical and spiritual teachings of Reform Judaism to the problems of our community, our country and the world. In that capacity, it strives to educate the Congregation in the values of social action and community involvement. It recommends to the Board, and then develops and implements, appropriate social-action programming. It makes recommendations to the Board on matters of affiliation and cooperation with appropriate agencies and organizations within and outside the Jewish community. It makes sure that the Congregation is adequately represented on Board-approved groups that welcome our constructive participation and coordinates the participation of all Congregational groups involved with outside organizations.

Capital Campaign 

50 years ago, our founding generation laid the groundwork for a Jewish home in Armonk. CBY 2020: The Capital Campaign strives to build upon that effort and to ensure the financial future of CBY for future generations. We achieve this by building connections and establishing funds for physical improvements, cultural expansion, and endowments for the clergy. 


The purpose of our Communications Committee is to insure, through a quality communications program, that Congregational members potential members and the community at large are actively aware of the Congregation’s philosophy, goals, plans and activities. It is furthermore the role of the committee to maintain awareness among the Congregation’s leadership of the importance of the communications function.

Cultural Connections

Our Cultural Connections committee brings various Jewish cultural programs and events to the CBY community. Author talks, cooking classes, art gallery tours, mah jong lessons,  film series’, and guest speakers are examples of ongoing activities. Members of the committee have the freedom to create new, exciting programs and implement existing programs for our community.


The purpose of tour House Committee is to supervise the operations, maintenance, security and use of the Temple building and property. To that end, the House Committee recommends and enforces rules and policies regarding all Temple property. It oversees maintenance personnel and outside contractors. It establishes rules and fees and approves all requests for the use of Temple facilities by members and outside organizations. It compiles and keeps records necessary for the maintenance and insurance of the property.

Jewish Identity Development  

It is the task of our Jewish Identity Development Committee to define and implement the educational philosophy of the Congregation. The committee shares with the JID Director responsibility for the quality and content of the JID program. The committee also oversees and manages the program and serves as a liaison between the school and the Congregation.

Religious Practices

Our Religious Practices Committee strives to educate the Congregation in religious practices and provides opportunities for the enhancement of the Congregation’s religious life. It shares with the Rabbi and Cantor the responsibility for the structure and content of all religious services.

The committee receives all recommendations for Temple policy in the area of ritual and religious practices and makes recommendations thereon to the Board. It establishes, in cooperation with the Rabbi, the religious standards and ritual policy for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation, recommends and implements that policy, and schedules and assigns Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates.


We look to maintain a balance between being a warm and welcoming congregation and making certain that those who seek to worship, to learn, to grow here are safe and secure. Our committee examines everything, from our physical plant to the processes under which we operate to provide the best solutions for our security needs.

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