Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is composed of seventeen elected members of the Congregation and organized under the President, two Vice Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The term of office for each Board member is three years.

It is the job of our Board of Trustees to govern the affairs, control the funds, and maintain the records and property of the Congregation. The Board sets policy, fills its vacancies between elections, prepares the budget, establishes dues, approves the contracts of temple employees, and performs such duties as the membership may prescribe.

For more information about our Board Members, click on their names below. 

Executive Committee

Ross Honig                   President                                     

Charles Shapiro           Vice President               

Paul Skurman              Vice President

Michelle Eickelbeck    Treasurer                      

Suzanne Lipton           Secretary

Robert Okin                 Member at Large                                  

Members of our Board                                                                       

Susan Bloom                 

Beth Brickel

Valerie Drossman    

Mychal Ertel                                           

William Katz                   

Radha Klugman               

Ina Lane                           

Elissa Lefkowitz                

Mark Lieberman 

John Lyons

Cookie Markhoff            

Felicia Zacks

Past Presidents

Lisa Broomer 2013-2016

Lawrence C. Fox 2010-2013

Frederic J. Siegel 2007-2010

Joel Dworetzky 2004-2007

Barby K. Siegel 2002-2004

David Brody 1999-2002

Shelly Jacob 1997-1999

Marilyn Heimerdinger 1994-1997

Robert Regal 1992-1994

Charles Shapiro 1990-1992

Ellen Bernstein 1988-1990

Ann Leber 1986-1988

Lyle  Halperin 1984-1986 ז״ל

Mike Jacobs 1982-1984

Michael J. Gross 1979-1982 ז״ל

John Stern  1976-1979

Lewis Schaffer  1971-1976