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March Madness Goes Musical


This event is bit like March Madness, but rather than pitting teams against one-another, participants pit their favorite songs against one another. Click here to register.

Game Play   

  • First, 4 music genres or categories will be selected (e.g., Folk Rock/Americana, Classic Rock, New Wave or R&B/Soul).  
  • Each participant submits a song (or 2 or 3) they think is the best song in each category. A process will be created in the event the same song is chosen by more than one participant but the goal would be to limit each artist to one song election per category. 
  • The submitted songs will then be randomly paired or “seeded” by category and each pairing of songs will be played back to back. Whomever submits a song will have an opportunity, if they choose, to promote the song and say why they think it is the best. Participants can then discuss the merits of the songs played.  
  • A vote will be taken by all participants (and spectators -see below) with the winning song moving on.  Subsequent rounds can be completed in an abbreviated manner, playing just parts of songs and/or a very brief discussion.  
  • The process continues until there is one winner per category. The winner of the four categories (think NCAA conferences) will be pitted against each other (e.g., the winner of the Punk Rock category vs. the winner of the Progressive Rock category), and the same for categories 3 and 4 until there is one overall winner deemed to be the “best song” ever.

Spectator Section

In event that someone wants to join in and listen to some great tunes but not submit songs for the event, there will be a spectator gallery. Spectators will be allowed to participate in the discussion and in the voting. 

Venue and Management

The expectation is that this event will be done in a virtual setting; however, some participants might decide to conduct the activity in person in a way that adheres to socially distant protocols.  

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact Ross Honig.   

Sat, December 10 2022 16 Kislev 5783