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Thursdays, 3:30-5:30pm

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Core Concepts

  • Investigating the lessons the Torah’s stories try to teach us
  • Exploring how we can learn from the experiences of our Ancestors
  • Analyzing how our Torah can mean many things to many people
  •  Learn about Jewish life cycle eventsDuring the year as our children explore the Torah, each child will be creating his or her own personal “Torah” that will be a reflection of their experiences from the year. As the students explore our Torah through arts and crafts, drama and writing exercises, they will have the opportunity to experience how the Torah’s teachings affect their own lives.

During our 4th grade program, our children continue their Hebrew Language Journey and by the end of the year will gain familiarity and fluency with new blessings Barechu, Shema, Shabbat blessings, Oseh Shalom, Four Questions, Mi Camocha  as they begin to internalize the Sedor (traditional Jewish prayers). 

Skype Hebrew Tutoring & Hebrew Pods

Weekly skype tutoring will also be offered for an additional minimal fee to any CBY student who wants extra support and Hebrew tutoring in addition to what is taught at the JID program.

Hebrew Pods is a new way of teaching Hebrew. The purpose is to create small groups of students who will meet together with a teacher for a shorter period of time. This will give us more time for JID learning and shorter, but more intense and personal Hebrew learning. All students in the JID program will be pulled out of the JID class for their Hebrew pod.

Mon, February 6 2023 15 Sh'vat 5783