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Ken Salaz:  Mentalist, Magician, Pick-pocket

Thursday, January 30 at 7:30pm
Refreshments will be served
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Ken Salaz is emerging as one of the world's premier Corporate and High End Private Entertainers with his bold and innovative demonstrations of impossible phenomenon. With an acute ability to ignite on stage, he is able to captivate and mesmerize audiences worldwide. Being the most enigmatic performer of our time, he is quickly becoming one of Americas most sought after and requested corporate entertainers.

His effects are rooted in his Native American Heritage from the deserts of the southwest and Sonora, Mexico. His dazzling career has spanned over 20 years, beginning as a magical prodigy at the age of 13. However, at the age of Twenty-two, he suddenly and inexplicably broke contact with his friends, family and colleagues and disappeared for three years. Unknown to the everyone, he traveled the world searching, collecting and extracting esoteric magical knowledge from a diverse variety of sources including Shamans in South America, Gypsies in Europe, Mentalists, Psychics, Pick Pockets and Thieves. This portion of his life remains shrouded by mystery, but he has since erupted on the international entertainment scene (Suffice it to say he learned a great deal about body language and the street value of watches). With seamless fluidity he is able to merge the ordinary with the impossible, which over time, has earned him the name "The Master of Astonishment."

His magnetic stage presence has dazzled such celebrities as Martha Stewart, Ethan Hawke, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, Kathie Lee Gifford, Joe Montana, Eli Manning, Troy Aikman, Katie Couric, Sade, The New York Mets and the entire New York Yankees organization. International clients include The Ritz Carlton USVI, News Corp. International, J.P. Morgan Chase, Ernst and Young, and Harvard University to name a few.


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