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I grew up in a non-religious reform Jewish home with no affiliation to our temple. I became a bar mitzvah and attended occasional high holiday services with my father. I had no expectation of being involved with a temple as an adult. In the early 90s I met our founding Rabbi, Douglas Krantz.  Because of him I became involved in the temple after our family returned from living in London for a couple of years. I joined the Board in 2000 and enjoyed it for a number of years. Since reducing my work commitment I have decided to become reengaged.

I am excited about working for the temple to assist in building a place for the local Jewish community. I look forward to developing many new relationships through that process.

Congregant since: 1993

Board member: 2000-2005, Treasurer 2001-2005

Residence: Armonk

Family: wife Susan; daughter Rae, son-in-law Evan and grandson Spencer; sons Ben and David

School: Binghamton University, BS in Accounting: Boston University School of Law

Work: Consultant

Where grew up: Oceanside, New York

Activities / interests: Travel; family; sports; current affairs

Contact info:

Mon, May 16 2022 15 Iyar 5782